Making Friends – And Meeting Girls (Or Guys) – On Periscope

Despite the rapid growth of dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid, four times as many people still use conventional dating sites like Match and eHarmony to find romance or more casual relationships – 40 million at last count, according to the Pew Research Center. The huge user base of Facebook also makes it popular for guys looking to meet girls.

Those apps and sites have one thing in common: photos, profiles, awkward chats or short video intros aren’t a good way to get to know someone. Watching live broadcasts by Periscope girls (or guys) and interacting with them in real time, however, shows you who they really are. And that’s the best way to decide whether you want to be friends with someone – or even take things further.

The Real Advantage of Meeting Periscope Girls

Catgirl301: “I love hip-hop and ice cream.”

ILoveCats6969: “Really? So do I!”

Is that a true online connection which means two people are compatible? Perhaps, but it’s more likely a normal conversational exchange that doesn’t mean much. In the same way, similar user names and profiles don’t guarantee much more than superficial similarities.

Sure, a Periscope username and profile will tell you a little bit about the person behind them. But watching cute Periscope girls live-stream video of their cats will tell you infinitely more about them than their cat-themed Periscope usernames ever would.

No matter what a girl live-streams on Periscope, you’ll see her in her comfortable, natural reality. And you’ll know whether it’s worth the time to follow her and then chat with her as she broadcasts, so you can get to know her better. People can hide behind clever one-liners or staged profile photos on apps and dating sites, and even on Facebook. On Periscope, you’ll see the real person.

That’s why friendships or relationships with Periscope girls (and guys) start from a better place. That still leaves one big question, though.

How Do You Meet Periscope Girls (or Guys)?

It’s certainly possible to do it by checking out the huge list of live streams that you can pull up on your screen. When you find someone whose Periscope username or picture looks interesting and whose profile matches your interests, watching their broadcast and chatting with them is a surefire way to tell if there’s a connection. And from the “People” tab on the app you can bring up a list of Trending broadcasters who stream often and have been found interesting by the community.

That’s hit-or-miss, however, because even though Periscope has promised a feature that lets you sort streams by category it’s still nowhere to be found. To do that, you can either use third-party apps that sort broadcasts into categories you might be looking for, or do a Twitter search for #yourkeyword and #Periscope to bring up people who announce their streams on Twitter.

But if you’re looking to make friends or meet Periscope girls, the best method is to start on third-party sites. The people who post their Periscope usernames and photos on our site do it so new friends can find them; searching our listings is an easy way to discover Periscope girls or guys who pique your interest. There are also websites that track the “hottest Periscope girls” on a monthly basis, to give you another starting point.

Happy searching!